Welcome to my world

TransitionΒ­ing From Gears to Code

Merging engineering precision with software creativity, I transitioned from mechanical engineering to pioneering in coding as a self-taught developer. My journey unites structural integrity with digital innovation, crafting solutions where rigor fuels creativity. Let's innovate together.


Engineering to Coding

From the precision of mechanical engineering to the creativity of software development, discover the path that led me to code.


Self-Taught Developer

Charting my own course, I embraced the challenge of teaching myself to code, turning curiosity into expertise.


Client-Centric Approach

At the heart of my work lies a commitment to client satisfaction. Discover how a tailored, client-centric approach ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations.


Philosophy in Action

"Anything is possible with the right code" – a philosophy that drives my approach to creating innovative solutions.


Innovative Solutions

Dive into how I leverage NextJS and NestJS to develop cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.


Continuous Learning

Learning never stops. See how staying abreast of the latest tech trends and software advancements keeps my skills sharp.


Bridging Worlds

Explore how my background in mechanical engineering enriches my software development, offering a unique blend of precision and creativity.


Collaborative Spirit

Discover the importance of partnership and collaboration in my work to bring client visions to life.


Anything Is Possible With the Right Code

Inspired by my transition from the tangible world of gears to the limitless potential of code, my core belief is that with the right code, anything is possible. This philosophy drives me to push beyond traditional boundaries, leveraging my engineering background and coding skills to bring even the most ambitious projects to life. Whether it's creating seamless user experiences or solving complex backend challenges, let's prove that with creativity and code, the possibilities are endless.